New project custom doormat


Very nice result, I like it.
To make it complete, it would be nice to provide information about your machine and the parameters you use for your work.

thanks omtech 80watt co2 settings 300mm/sec 65%power


thanks for the info

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Is there any chance you would be willing to share where you got the blank door mat? I have been wanting to do something like this for my self but I can not find a blank door mat?

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You may find success with google, searching for “Coco” or “Coir Mat”, which is a type of doormat made from the husks of coconuts. You should also find good results searching for “blank straw outdoor doormat”.

I find Amazon has several options starting at around $20.00 USD and go up from there depending on size, quality, backing, and so on. From there, you should find options for bulk purchasing of these mats, as all your neighbors will want you to produce their custom mats after seeing yours. :wink:

best price i found is wallmart

IKEA do coir mats for £4.00 in the UK. TRAMPA natural, Door mat, 40x60 cm - IKEA

I tried it one for myself.
But it gets worn out so you need to do this engraving deep.
I stil did not try it for the second time how high shpould my power be to make it last longer.