New set up - Field Offset - LB unable to compensate properly/enough?

New user, new installation, likely ignorant. I am unable to configure LB (v1.4.00) to achieve enough Field Offset to properly function. (only allowing a maximum of 7mm of offset in each axis) Has anyone else run into this? Is there a work around? Also, while everything else is in “inches” the offset is showing “mm”. EZcad does not have this issue.

Also, pop up menus are compressed in size. Resizing them manually works, but they do not retain the settings/adjustments once closed. They are always too small/compressed.

I’m not sure what field offset you are referring… or what you are trying to do… that would help.


Thank you for the response. I am sure that I am not using the correct terms, as I’m new to LB and largely ignorant. When setting up LB for the machine, there is a “working field size” that a lens of a certain size will cover. In this case, mine is 150mm x 150mm square. (5.906" x 5.906") LB takes that information fine, but the resultant field is way off to one corner when using the machine. This working field needs to be offset in the software, to reflect what the actual physical limits of the machine are. This was not an issue in EZcad, but I have been unable to affect that change within LB. (upper left quadrant of the image)

The pop-up menu sizing issue is shown in the second & third images.


Thank you.

The fiber should be centered for whatever lens you use on it.

When you created the device, did you import the vendors EZCad lens configuration file?

If you did not, did you go through one of the lens calibration procedures?


I did import the previously used config file. That results in the huge offset that caused me to start looking into this. I have not gotten through doing a manual lens calibration yet, simply for it being Monday in a machine shop and trying to heard all of the cats. I figured to ask here to see if I was missing something simple, as I didn’t expect there to be such a large difference when it was importing the old calibration file.