New Stainless Steel Bracelets...Cylinder Correction?

I bought 100 of these from China to create some samples for my customers. The bracelets have a small “bow” in them. The radius is around 3.5mm tall.

I don’t want to junk 40 or so figuring all this out if possible before actually burning some. I know you would use Cylinder correction for tumblers, and you can get it if you have a diameter, but this is just flat stock with a small curve.

I’m going to swap out my 100 lens for my 200 to provide as much cushion with regard to the focal point staying in focus. The bracelet is only 44.5 mm wide x 9.1 top to bottom.

Thoughts? How would you go about it?


OH. Happy Halloween !!!

A link or photo would be nice…



I have the middle one in Stainless Steel. Do you need a low profile shot?

No, I get what you have. You can apply the cylinder correction… I suspect if you use your long lens with the fiber it wouldn’t be required… unless you feel the graphics are distorted…

I use black masking tape and run the job at low power… you get some idea of how it will look.


Excuse the poor quality in the image. Now I have to build some type of jig. I can’t lay it flat on the bed because of the links on each end, which will tilt it one way or the other. It was sitting on a pair of needle nose pliers.

100 speed
30 pwr
200 freq
0.0150 LPI
-45 scan angle
+45 scan angle

Close enough for today.

Supper time.

Did you get this figured out? I’m now in very similar boat! I have a 100w JPT. I’ve been using my 110 lens for my jewelry, hoping I can keep that lens in for the bracelet blanks. I’m typically going about 4 mm higher focus to get dark but shallow engraves. The curved nature of the bracelet blanks is making this difficult. Going to try to figure out cylinder correct to see if it helps–would love to know how you managed.

Is it distorted from the curvature or going out of focus?

With a F110mm lens, the depth of focus is only 0.894mm… a longer lens, such as a F254mm has a depth of focus of 4.767mm.