*New Suggestion from Hobo* - Laser Hour Log For Maintenance

Let’s see this for Version 1.8.

A log to monitor hours on laser.

Lightburn already calculates estimated engraving times and has the progress bar for approximate time remaining to complete a job. How about taking the time used to complete a job and putting the value in a log for the laser used for that job. Have a separate log for each laser used in Lightburn.

Then have the ability to set maintenance reminders based on limits set for each laser.

Shops with multiple lasers would benefit from this greatly.

It seems like it would be a simple enough thing to create. All the data is already in Lightburn. Isn’t it?

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Thanks for this, Steve. Yes, this has been suggested previously, although I have not checked to see if this is on our Feature Suggestions site. It would be good to put there, so others can vote their support for this as well. If you do, post the link back to this thread to spread the word. As you know, we use this to assist in prioritizing our efforts. :slight_smile:

The main issue with LightBurn tracking this is there’s no way to store an hour value back to the laser for example a different instance of LightBurn or a different computer to read.

This would be more useful for Laser manufacturers to implement at the control level and give a variable we can query. Ruida does have a hour tracker, but I am not aware of a g-code firmware that does.

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Does not need to be that complicated. Log to a CSV file.
Time Start button hit. This event triggers the open file for write event.
Time LB completes (no need to detect Pause and Stop buttons). This event would trigger the write to file event.

User of the file can import into a spreadsheet and do the math. No computing needed in Lightburn, just reporting.

If Lightburn wasn’t going to do to the calculating and monitoring, no need to involve the software. You are correct about maintaining a log in a spreadsheet to do this yourself. I’m assuming a lot about the information Lightburn has and it’s capabilities.

I would use LB to do the logging with what it knows. Beats sitting there with a stopwatch.

Risky business, but you are not the first to use this analysis method.

For DSP lasers we don’t monitor them - they’re “fire and forget”. For GCode or Galvo lasers, we have to monitor for completion, so those could actually get a completion time, assuming you let the job finish, though we don’t currently store that anywhere.

The Job Log feature in LightBurn already saves the time you sent the file, which device it was sent to, which project it was, and what name you sent it as (if any).

This gets saved to My Documents / LightBurnJobs.csv

It’s not “per laser”, but the name of the laser is written into the file, so it’d be easy enough to filter out the entries you want.


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