New to CNC, GRBL, Gcode ... Etc

wanted to know if i can use lightburn to operate a 3018 pro with a router / spindle motor

No Lightburn is made for laser use. If you have a laser to add to your machine you can use it for that but for cnc use no.

You could, if you want to design and export the GCode generated, then edit to provide the router / spindle bits yourself. You can set up using the Grbl-M3 profile, which will produce the most generic starting point.

You can always try, we offer a free, unrestricted 30-Day trial, downloadable from our website. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rick …. I am on the 30 day free trial with Lightburn, but unfortunately work prevents me to going to my workshop during the day. I can only find the time on weekends to work on this new hobby of mine …. The real issue are:

Getting the images converted to gcode format
And just recently the laser only burns on the x-axis and not the y-axis ….

Do you know if there is a command to have the settings revert back to default …. When it was in default mode, all worked in laser mode.


Sorry, but what are you wanting to revert to default?

You should be able to import an image into LightBurn, set the cut parameters and save the job as GCode. What is not working for you?

whatever the original settings where when the lightburn software was installed. the laser burned fine initially, then i tried to change some of the settings to make the image larger, darker, deeper and now it odes not move other than in a straight line … so default back to original settings when initially installed.

the laser burns back and forth in one line

You should not have to reset to default to resolve, but you can if you want.

You can do this:

  • Uninstall completely, and delete the LightBurn folder from your Program Files
  • Make sure no other software is running
  • Install again

I suspect you have also made changes to the settings in your firmware, so you will want to investigate that as well to get back to “default”.

You asked if you could, “use lightburn to operate a 3018 pro with a router / spindle motor”. This is outside the current functionality of LightBurn. I shared how you may be able to use LightBurn to help you get part of the way to running on your setup, but this is also outside the scope of LightBurn general use support. This is a DIY at heart, with a strong emphasis on the ‘Y’ part. :slight_smile:

“DIY” all the way brother!!! would not have it any other way!! thanks for the help and tips …

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