New to Engraving So bought Cheap one K4 3W from Amazon

Having a few issues with Lightburn freezing when try to search for K4 via USB drivers working as other software finds it but does anyone have details to set up via manual or why Lightburn keeps crashing???

If you try doing a manual setup, does it still crash? Create Manually - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yes tried setting it up as a grbl driver but no joy. Was hoping someone might have used one these before. Is there any way too find out out it is grbl driver i require.

You will need to find out if this is a grbl board.

The advertisement seem to indicate it needs some kind of proprietary windows software.

Either way, your OS needs to be able to see it. Check your device manager to see if it shows up on usb.

If not, then it’s either not going to work or you need a different driver for it. Even if you can see it, it might not be compatible.

Good luck


I have updated to lightburn to v1.4.03 and iVt does not crash when do auto search but comes up with no results lol typical. USB is seeing COM8 serial usb ch340. Do i just do trial and error for manual set up or is there a way to check which laser controller controller to select.

You should be able to do a manual setup for a grbl machine. The only thing you might not know is the machines origin. Just pick one for the time being… I’d opt for front left, but it doesn’t matter.

Once you build the grbl device profile, then you can see if it will connect.

If it’s grbl it should work, at least connect and say ready on the laser window.

If this is a new machine, I’d drop a note the vendor and ask about compatibility with other software products such as Lightburn.

Good luck


It is stating ready but when try to run it says machine busy or paused. Grrr was hoping going to work to try sort out a burn matrix.

Console is just continually starting waiting for connecting then if try play says port failed to open,already in use?

I’d ask the vendor is this is supposed to work with Lightburn…


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