New to laser engraving- unable to use at all-machine is loaded but LB crashes

installed LB but i get a “not responding” response when i try to do anything. system shows ready, but waiting for connection. preloaded software works but very basic.
I would like to purchase LB but I can’t actually use it to engrave. i was able to create and save a LB project but that’s it. Also installed GRBL but when i try to connect it thinks about it but does not connect. any help is greatly appreciated

Please do not purchase until you can use the product successfully. Refunds cost us money. This is one reason we offer a 30-Day, free trial.

I see you have entered little information about your laser and control system here in this post or in your forum profile. Please update us all so we can offer relevant responses.

What version and what are your firmware settings? Have a read starting here to help you get going:

hi- product details from amazom where i purchased-3000MW CNC Engraver Pro Engraver Router Printer Machine . Cenoz+Jl1+wifi.rar working area 200x290 mm.
any help is appreciated

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