New to lasers and LightBurn

So I just ordered an Xtool D1 pro laser that comes next week. Never used one before so I thought I better join the forum cause I know I will be needing help with the software. I got the 10 watt D1 for two reasons cost and I don’t plan on cutting anything to thick. Hello to the community and I hope to learn a lot here.


Congratulations on the laser and welcome to the forum. We’ve all been in your situation at some point, even if someone in here has forgotten this. :wink:
I personally have used the search function in the top right to find everything related to my machines and enjoy all that knowledge. It is also highly recommended to use LightBurn’s built-in help function/documentation, it is now excellently made. And finally, there are many, many good videos on youtube, made by LightBurn or and LightBurn users. It is also a goldmine of knowledge and good entertainment.