NEW to LB: Will normal License work on my K40 running Meek40t ruida simulator

Hello LB team and all forum members:

Happy New Year!!,

Just wondering, my K40 natively won’t work with LB, but if using Meerk40t under simulator Ruida control, I can use LB.
Will a standard Gcode license able to run this way for my K40?

If I understand correctly the Meerk40t function works by emulating a Ruida controller. In that case, no, the g-code license would not be sufficient for this functionality. You would need the DSP license.

The difference in price for the license could justify upgrading the board and just using the g-code license.

Thank you very much for the info… That is sad to hear. well, yes, I was afraid that this would be the outcome. so, i have my main controller board chosen and will work under LaserGrbl, so normal LB license will be just enough.

If I remember correctly doesn’t Meerk40t also have a g-code backend or GRBL emulator in the works? If so, that could work with g-code version.

did not see anything about that branch of activities. will investigate a bit more.
My controller’s upgrade project is undergoing with the Mks DLC32 board that runs with LaserGrbl. and very easy wiring! will be running with LB wirelessly or off line uploading the file to the cutter/engraver.

Had you looked at Awesome Tech’s Mini Gerbil? A new version 3 has just started to go on sale. It’s a drop-in replacement in the K40.

well, for that money of US $95 I could buy TWO sets of MKS DLC32

with touchscreen, it means off line control to my K40.
Not only that, it has micro SD card and WIFI for which, it can be accessed from web UI directly to the board. upload the file onto the Micro SD card remotely,…etc
for me that I’m handy and automation tech as trade, it makes more sense to me to upgrade to a board that is much versatile than what we have in the market.

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