New to LightBurn and need help with Cloudray D80 rotary settings

I can print flat images well but rotary is not working 100%. At first it was engraving the image over itself. Overlapping on itself as it engraves. Then put 12,800 as Steps per rotation and that did not do anything. Reset settings and changed Split Size and overlap and now it works but its still a bit shrunk in, and now a ~20 second engrave takes 3+ minutes but it isn’t overlapping on itself.

Example, if a flat print would be 3 inches wide once the rotary was enabled it would print in 20 seconds but overlap the image over itself onto a 1 inch wide area. Now instead of the original wanted 3 inch wide image, it is being maybe 2 to 2.5 inches (just as an example not accurate numbers) and like I said not overlapping itself just shrunk inwards and taking several minutes to engrave.

All settings are back to default except steps per rotation (12,800) split size (0.022) overlap (0.00) diameter is 89 mm, speed = 100 mm/s, power = 70%, Frequency 30 kHz.

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