New to LightBurn - I Know 3D Printing - Selecting Proper G-Code Format - Tronxy

I have the new Tronxy XY-3 SE 3D printer that comes with a LED Laser that uses the FAN1 output to control the laser. A sample of the included G-Code looks like this:
G1 X85.750 Y16.000
G1 X90.333 Y16.000

Can someone please tell me what I need to set in LightBurn to generate this type of g-code? I am brand new to LightBurn, but a old hand at g-code and 3D printing. Trying to understand the basics of using a laser with a 3D printer. Thanks!

I should mention, I am looking to generate g-code that I can save to an SD card for printing in the Printer.

I haven’t watched this video, but it’s the setup for grbl.

Most of these have a pwm (fan1?) output for laser control. ??

That should get you up… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link. I watched the video. I will give this a go.

I am up and running. Thanks again for the help. Lots to learn, but at least I am finally getting this working.

Mark the solution ‘solved’ if it fixed the problem.

I’m glad you’re up. You won’t ever leave Lightburn, it’s the best software ever for this… :slight_smile:

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