New to Lightburn Mac user

So I put a image into Lightburn I have a layer thinking it would cut around for a patch and it just doesn’t work I have tried different setting and nothing working. Machine use to be run off rdworks do I need to change something so it will do the cut I am lost. I am running a Mac. I am running a Ruida

This is a good place to start using LightBurn. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

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I have been reading for the past two days and just can’t figure out

What have you tried? You say…

Is this a raster / bitmap image like a photograph? Do you also have a vector path around the “image” set to Line? You are not providing much technical detail for me to work with. :slight_smile:

Do you have a file that has worked before, and you are having difficulty staying connected to the laser? Does the machine turn on? Home? File processes part of the job and then stops? We are at a loss with what you provide.

You need to tell us more about what is or is not actually happening for us to offer anything back of value you can use.

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I just got it to cut finally figure out some setting and it finally cut through the leather I had

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