New to Optimization - family monogram logo

Is there any way to optimize a file, like the one below? I was engraving it on an acacia round cutting board, but it took forever. It started at the bottom and slowly worked it’s way up. I was wondering if optimization would allow it to do the outside rings first, then each word? It just spent soooo much time going back and forth just to do the outside ring.
Fingers crossed.

This is a JPEG graphic so you’re stuck in raster mode with the laser head sweeping back and forth.

If you use the Trace tool in LightBurn you could turn it into a vector image and you could then use offset fill and follow the lines around instead of scanning back and forth. It’s more work to build a nice vector file to work from but the results may be what you’re looking for.

An original vector file like an SVG or DXF may save you a lot of time.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure out trace and offset fill. I know there are youtube videos that show how. Just need to take a little time and figure it out. I appreciate it.

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