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Installed a 10watt plus endurance laser on my Shapeoko 3 xxl. I downloaded Lightburn went through all steps for setting up laser had a successful test. Now I go to start a burn the laser comes on briefly and just stops. What is causing this? (Grbl 1.1) Lightburn 0.9.04

Hard to tell without more information. :slight_smile:


Want to share which firmware (and version) and the setting for it are you using to drive this setup? Have you successfully used software other than LightBurn with this system?

By the way, fix the info you share in your profile so we don’t have to ask each time you have an issue you want help with.

When you run it, does it say anything in the console? You mention a successful test - was it just pulse firing, or did you cut or engrave something? The more detail you can provide the better - saying “it just stops” doesn’t give much to go on.

I engraved a test successfully, now it goes to start engraving cnc moves to origin laser turns on as it starts to begin it just shuts off. Nothing comes up in console.

That sounds like a brownout or a power noise issue, or it could also be an issue with the laser itself. You didn’t mention if it’s the entire machine shutting off or just the laser - Does the machine keep moving with the laser off, or does everything shut off? These are the kinds of details we’re looking for. Remember, we can’t see it from here, so you have to fill in the gaps.

If the whole thing stops, it’s likely the power draw from the laser causing the controller to lose power and shut off, or power noise from the laser interfering with communication. If just the laser shuts off and the rest keeps going, then it would be more likely an issue with the laser itself.

The laser and cnc stop at same time

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