New to this laser thing

I got a k40, unfortunately it came with the M2 board which is pretty locked to what is possible. I am looking to upgrade my board first but need to make sude it is the correct one that will work with Lightburn software.
I think this board seems to fit in but would like to have some confirmation.
This is the link to it.

Please let me know

It will work, but will require quite a bit of fettling to get everything working.

It wouldn’t be my choice, for anything. Sainsmart are very low-spec and, more importantly, low-QC manufacturer.

Cohesion3D makes a drop-in replacement for the K40, which runs a 32 bit controller, firmware developed in conjunction with the folks at Lightburn to give you the best performance from a non-DSP controller.

It aint cheap, but you get what you pay for.

My personal favourite is the Smoothieboard 3XC, but harder to find these days. The reason I prefer it is that it has ethernet. I’m not a fan of USB-connected lasers as they invariably need to be somewhere that is a pita for USB.

Thanks for getting back so promptly. I found three more options that could work but price is always a bit of a stumbling block.

I have no problem fiddling with it a bit as that is how you learn. But I don’t want to buy a headache either.

That one is the only one I would even consider. It is a Smoothieboard clone. It will run Smoothieware Cluster mode, which has corresponding support in Lightburn.

Thanks for the guidance. This board is now ordered.

And I added the stepper drivers and the sd card for good measure

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