New update - 0.9.16 Windows 10

Just updated my Lightburn to 0.9.16 from 0.9.15, but now it wont show a window for OPEN File.
It will load a prev used file, but does not display a file window for Open file drop menu or icon. I returned to 0.9.15 and it works perfectly. Please check 0.9.16 for operation of load file.


Do you have anti-virus software running? LightBurn launches a helper app to bring up the file open dialog, and this helper could be mistaken for us trying to do something shady. Some anti-virus software or system policies prevent apps from doing this, but it’s done to prevent crashes in poorly written preview utilities from bringing LightBurn with it.

If you re-install 0.9.16, in the LightBurn program folder you’ll see a file called “LBFileDialog.exe”. If you rename that to something like “LBFileDialog.exe.bak” so LightBurn can’t find it, it will fall back to using the internal Open dialog, and that will work.

Thanks for the reply to my question. I reinstalled 0.9.16, Shut down my Antivirus, but still no file window, so I followed your instruction and renamed “LBFiledialog.exe” to Bak and I now have a working Load file window.
I tried to execute “LBFiledialog.exe” , it opens a window but then closes straight away.
I will leave it renamed and use the system dialog, Thanks for the fix.


It won’t launch without a bunch of required settings passed in. The next release might help improve this.

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