New update did not save or transfer my project I was working on?! HELP ASAP PLZ from Lightburn tech

Im pretty upset and i really hope lightburn team can help with a solution for my project i was working hard on for a week. and to lose it it angers me. I save it on lightburn as i was working. saved it to my documents. I did this update and now it opens but theres NO IMAGE, NO LAYERS, my project seems like it did not transfer with the new update and this is crap. im frustrated. Can i recover my project that was almost finished? Im not starting all over. need solutions need answers from lightburn please. or anyone out there if they can help. Thank you.

Hi Ethan,

Project files are not touched by any LightBurn update.

If for some reason your project file was not able to be opened by the newer LightBurn app (which would be very unusual) then close the project without saving anything, install the LightBurn version you were using previously, and reopen the project file.

You are also welcome to send the project file to (include a link to this forum topic) and we can look at it to see what may have happened.