New update Gamma settings

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having a problem when they adjust the gamma setting with the new update that it locks at 3000 even if you set it around 1,400. I love the new improvements made with the update just wondering if it’s a bug or something I’m doing wrong.

Can you please explain exactly what you did and how you see this being “locked”? Pictures and details for this as I am not seeing the same. Trying to reproduce here, I can adjust the gamma settings using the slider without issue. What OS and the exact “update” version please?

Update: Thank you for reporting this. I think I am seeing what you found but want to get your details as well.

I am running the 9.23 version and when I go to adjust image I can change any other settings such as contrast brightness then hit ok and they stay at what I select but when I move the slider bar for gamma if I set it to let’s say 1,400 hit ok I go back and it says 3,000.

And sorry windows 10

Thank you for updating. We are (were) able to reproduce. The issue has been fixed and will be in our next update.

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