New update, limit switch for home no longer working

I got software notification that there was an update, so I downloaded and installed. However, now when I home the machine, it gets to the limit switch and keeps trying to go further. Everything was fine with my XTool d1 pro, now after the update, the limit switches don’t seem to work like the used to.

I think I have similar problem as yours, here is the video: any solution to it?

It sounds like the ‘Auto-home on start up’ switch is switched on in Device settings which is correct for an engraver with limit switches. If the limit switch isn’t stopping the homing, you may want to check the switches and ensure the switch wiring connectors are fully seated.

On an xTool D1 Pro, with LightBurn running and connected please open the Console window and request a report from the engraver. Enter $$ (then enter) in the Console window - then copy and paste your reply here.

If the engraver moved away from the limit switches and crashed, that would be a more obvious fix.

Was it just LightBurn that was updated or was the xTool Firmware or ECS updated as well?

I’m also having this issue. Plus the limit switch alarm sounds and won’t even allow me to frame a project. I check the switches and they are not obscured. I check connections. I removed and reinserted the TF card. If I turn off limit switches in Xtool Creative Space, I can cut and engrave but I still can’t use lightburn. Here is an image of the console test you suggested.
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I look forward to seeing this.

I am having the exact same issue as shown in the video uploaded by hereweigo. I am using an X-Tool D1 Pro 10W.

Here is what I get from the console:

I am brand new to this hobby and had no issues using the free software LaserBox. I decided to make the jump to LightBurn using the 30-day trial. I did a few test runs with no issues on the demo software. Then I bought the full version to keep using it and applied the update. Now my laser is trying to jump ship and go past the frame.

Mine ended up being a hardware issue where the cable going to the laser was getting pinched between the gantry and the back frame making the laser never quite hit the limit switch.