New update = New issue!

Today I used the software without any issue, then I got message about new update, then I updated it to last version, then I start the software, , then I see high noise from internal laser head fan, and I can’t send any order to burn or move the machine, it’s show error message while sending order,
How can I go back to last or old version ???

You can find old versions here.

If a previous version fixes this, then I’d suggest you send a note to support. This shouldn’t happen.


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I would be very surprised if the update caused this issue.

You said it’s showing an error message, but you haven’t said what that error actually is. If you can tell us what error message you’re seeing, we can likely tell you why.


Thanks for reply, I used the time machine to restore to old version.

Did going back on the version fix the issue of the noise of the fans of the laser?