New update v. 1.6.01

After updating today, the color palette keeps losing my parameters and I have to revert to a preferences’ backup.

Does the xtool d1 pro 20w pc board switch need to be set to open for this 1.6.01 lightburn update to work? my array file show text-centered and the output to the laser did not comply see pics

Im running out of time to get these engraved. Is there any way to get this resolved? I can’t believe I hit update.

You could try an old prefs file from backup.

@StratosG Post a picture and explain further for us to help you.

Running a job I found that in MOVE window increasing speed also increases power.

This must surley be a bug?

There are motion planning systems in most controllers that adjust power as speed changes, for the purpose of engraving a path with a curved corner in it.

I’d need to know more about the controller of your laser engraver to know how to approach diagnosing this.

iKier K1 Pro 1064nm 20W Fiber Laser

In the Console window in LightBurn, when you first connect to your 20W IR fiber laser with LightBurn; is there any visible text? If so, please select and copy the first burst of text in the Console window and paste it into a reply here. That might tell me what’s going on.

From the marketing info it looks like a GCode controller. The size and the screen are leading me to think that it’s a GRBL-STM or grbl-HAL controller, but it could be fully custom.

The next step would probably be a screen capture including the Cuts / Layers window and the report generated by (most) GCode controllers when you type $$ in the Console window (then Enter). That report, if it was made available by the manufacturer, will tell us what the set limits for speed and acceleration are.

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