New user.... gcode questions

Hello, as per title… very new user… (someone directed me to it as a possible easier (better) image to vector / gcode software …

I use primarily uccnc as my cnc software (similar to Mach3/4/LinuxCNC etc… just different)…
(you can install it and it will run in demo mode for you as the serial number that you buy is locked to the cncDrive hardware motion controllers. When you install it within the default folder, the documentation folder is installed which provides a raft of info [C:/uccnc/documentation] such as the install setup and also details of the macros etc. It also installs the API as default and some examples for plugins which are written in C# or if you choose

UCCNC has quite a few synchronous macros (M10/M11 etc etc) to fire and control lasers (not non-syncronous macros like M3 / M5 etc trying to control on spindle speed).

UCCNC does not allow for direct control of the cnc machine (as far as I’m aware… but this may have changed with the API being available)…

Hence my question is

  1. if I was to set up lightburn for Gcode generation use… which “device” should I select?

  2. given I have access to a few synchronous gcodes (to be fair with a laser I can only see 1 being of use… M10 Qxxx /M11 [with Qxx being the power control 0-255 of the PWM output] How would I go about changing this within whatever “device” I should use in question 1) above?

I have a plasma cutter, mill, lathe, router, 3D printer running marlin and a small blue laser diode available and am just a keen hobby user

Thanks for taking the time to read + any guidance you can give


  1. GRBL-M3 is the most generic profile LightBurn has. The generator will produce an M3 to turn the laser on, and an M5 to turn it off. S parameters on the G1 commands control the power. You could likely do a search / replace for M3 / M5 with M10 / M11.

  2. You can’t change the code generation arbitrarily. LightBurn knows the formats used by the supported devices, and they are not editable to reduce the chance of mistakes. We do plan to have a generic “CNC” device at some point with editable output controls, but that’s not a high priority at the moment.

thanks for taking the time to reply.

hmm, some form of post processor would probably be desirable if your list of devices was to increase which is what sheetcam uses and is easy to edit and has about 330 variants for mill and plasma applications

fusion 360 post processors are a right royal pain to edit though

vectric don’t look too bad (but I must admit… I’ve not done one of theirs yet).

estlcam have a simple options interface so you can swap out / in gcodes

thanks again,

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