New User getting "Error: Invalid gcode ID:99" & "Out of bounds" pop-ups

Hello all! I am brand new to Laser cutting, and need some help. I have had the machine for a few weeks now, and have only manage to get it cutting three times. The very first day we got it all set up it worked. Then the next day I could not get the laser to move into center position - but I aligned my wood to where the laser was located (center right) and it cut fine for a while. Trying to center it again, I started getting error messages. (Error: Invalid gcode ID:99). This continued for days. I tried a new USB cord, restarting the machine, and my Mac. Yesterday all of a sudden it worked great (using the original USB cord and having just restarted my Mac). Today, using the same file, and all the tricks I used yesterday I get the error message again (along with a refusal of the laser to move to the center. It is stuck bottom left. I have tried to move my substrate and cut in that area, but I get a pop up that tells me the cut will be out of bounds.). I have no idea where to start the next level of trouble shooting, as I am not finding anything online. I would be so grateful for some help! THANK YOU!!

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