New user looking for suggestions for a K40 Ramps 1.4 setup

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raykholo…thanks for the input.
I will definitely hold out for the 32 bit board.
Re: stability not cheap; Don’t I know it. Unfortunately a disability pension doesn’t go very far these days especially here in Canada where that amazing piece of software called “Lightburn” which sells for $40 USD cost me $55 CDN.
Does anyone ever sell boards used, say, if the were upgrading and now had them laying around?

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(Necessary disclaimer: I make the Cohesion3D Boards)

Usually people are upgrading their K40/ Chinese Laser Cutter to a board such as a C3D.
There is not much secondhand or aftermarket scene for them as far as I have seen.

People do sometimes “upgrade” themselves to a larger laser cutter after having the K40 for a while, in this case I have seen them sell the K40 with the C3D board already in it. Again, rare but sometimes happens.

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I’m really happy with my K40 and all the mods and hardware setups I have employed so I will hang onto it.
Thanks for feedback though and will just hold out for the C3D or similar.

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No it’s not an ‘illegal clone’.

You are just wrong keeping on pushing this.

There are two components in Smoothieware - the software and the hardware. Making a board from the open source hardware design is not illegal - it can’t be, its open source.

There’s some argument that mks, by compiling and making available a copy of Smoothieware without the correct attribution is somehow illegally breaching voluntary provisions in open source norms.

What they are doing is greedy and lazy and unethical, possibly, but not illegal.

Trying to shame mks buyers by intimating they are involved in illegality is just wrong.

While the norms for the anally-retentive say you shouldn’t, theyhave (gasp!) zipped up the source.

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TinyG has multiple pwm pins, but no powered sources like smoothie. G2 Core runs on Arduino 32 bit controllers, what cnc shield you use determines your power and pins.

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When I say “ramped power output” I mean velocity-modulated PWM, ramping the PWM up and down as the velocity increases, then decreases for corners. Smoothieware and GRBL another support this, but none of the others as far as I’m aware.

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Hmm, not sure. It certainly has advanced motion look-ahead and planning.

I’ll pose the question at the devs if I can’t work it out.

I suspect not, as it isn’t commonly used with lasers, although it works great with my diy diode cnc

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No, it doesn’t on TinyG. I will check G2 Core

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Hi Grumps.
Well, yesterday my MiniGerbil arrived from the ‘land of Oz’ downunder.
Installed it in about three hours as I have a K40 with PSU II so I had to sort out a few connectors.
The unit is, pardon the pun, Awesome!
Paul at was great to work with.
Buttery smooth, fast and Lightburn immediately recognized the device and plugged in the settings. Bam!
Thanks for the recommend.
I was at the hospital today for a surgical procedure on my back so I won’t be burning much today but I can hardly wait to finally cut and engrave stuff instead of sorting tech glitches and wiring.

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Glad you had a positive experience, and hope you recover well from your procedure.

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