New User - Protecting against my own stupidity

Hello, new laser owner, new LB user. My laser manufacturer (Laguna PL1220) setup docs and videos are expecting RDWORKS as driving software. I decided, for several reasons, to use LB instead.

The manufacturer setup warns to immediately save off Machine Settings and User Settings in RDWORKS, as a protection in case of messing things.

So I have in LB read the Machine Settings and stored this on my computer. I didn’t find a way of getting or storing the equivalent User settings?

Under the Edit menu I see also Device Settings, but i wasn’t able to find way to save these.

Is there any other settings I should save off to protect myself from inadvertently changing something??


For the Device Profile(s), use the Export and save that to a safe location along with any Library files you create.

Thank you. Does saving here effectively save what I see under Edit -> Device Settings?

Machine Settings is everything stored in the controller. If you save those, that’s all the stuff like step lengths, homing settings, acceleration, tube configuration, etc, etc.

If you go to File > Open prefs folder and make a copy of prefs.ini, that’s everything stored in LightBurn about your setup - what device you’re using, units, cut settings, preferences, and anything else not stored in the laser itself. If you back up the machine settings and the prefs.ini file, you’re covered.

Perfect. Thank you both for your time.


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