New user setup problem

ok here we go, bought a cheapo laser engraver, this one:

The software that came with it works, it can engrave etc, however it sucks big time, so I am looking at light burn. but from it i can tell the engraver is using com3 port, it is connected via usb.

so in lightburn, I am trying to add the device, but it cannot detect the engraver. so I tried to add manually, but of course it isn’t in the list of device to choose from. so i randomly picked one. and in the lower right I chose com3. drew some circles, hit play and send to engraver. The laser pointer moves in the correct motion as if it was drawing the circles, but the laser is not on.

What do I do to get this to work?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome. The first thing we should try to discern is what is being used to drive this laser. What I am interested in learning is what “firmware” is installed on your control board.

Show us what the LightBurn ‘Console’ window shows when you first connect, and we can go from there.

how do you pull up the console?

is this what you mean?

Click this:

That will bring the Console window forward, so you can tell us what you see. The console window is where GCode controller messages appear. You also apparently chose an Emblaser 1 A3 device, which is an odd choice - did you set that manually?

yes manually set it because it wouldnt pick up what i got with the scan, so i just randomly choose anything as my cheapo engraver is not one of the choices. so it can totally wrong settings. but it does move the motor but just the laser is not turned on.

Thank you for posting this. Looking at the first response returned from your control board, it says, “benbox laser…” which LightBurn does not support.

You would need to update the firmware running on that control board to one of the supported ones such as Grbl.

You can load GRBL through the benbox app.

tyvm got GRBL working.

Sweet. is your guy for grbl settings, I hear :slight_smile:

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