New user, tricks for double side engraving with lightburn?

hi, new user to lightburn here, for the last few years i have been using lasercut 5.3.

i make a product that i engrave on both sides, the object is asymmetric so on the second side the engraving is in a different location.

the way i did this with my old laser and with lasercut was to have a template for the second side and i had marked the laser bed, after originally cutting it, to line it up again in the future.

i now have lightburn, i have a camera but yet to set it up, so before i go down the same route as before does anyone know a better way of double side engraving that features on lightburn makes possible?


I find the most accurate approach to double sided engraving is with the use of a disposable spoil board. You can find all of the free spoil board material you need littering the side of the road as illegal coroplast bandit signs.

Temporarily secure the spoil board to your laser bed. I just use some gorilla tape. Focus your bed to the coro material. Run the outline of your object on both sides as a line layer:

Once you have your spoil board index cut, position your target objects into place, refocus to the height for that material, and run the engraving layer:

Swap positions of the target object and rerun the job for the other side.

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