New user, what is the best firmware to use?

Hi All, im in the process of swapping out the board in my K40, I was originally just going to use a Smoothieboard 1.1 i’ve had lying around unused, but I do have other options since I have a fair few 3d printing controllers knocking around.
My biggest question is, what is the best firmware to use? I can either use Smoothieware, some form of BRBL, Marlin, whatever really i’ll probably have a compatible board around somewhere.
Mainly I want to be sure it will work nicely for vector and raster work.

In terms of ease of use with LightBurn I’d suggest going with something GRBL based or Smoothieware in GRBL mode. I would avoid Marlin as much of the laser capability there is evolving and largely unstandardized.

Within the GRBL space you want something that supports at least version 1.1f or higher as that version provided laser mode capabilities.

Outside of that your choice of board is largely going to be about non-LightBurn related items that might hardware specific or performance related. I’d generally suggest a 32-bit solution if possible but nothing wrong with an 8-bit Arduino solution where performance and features may be worse.

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