New version 0.9.17 on MAC

after watching tutorial and loaded SHX fonts in a directory, no SHX fonts available in the software. Mac version of Lightburn 0.9.17.

Place the library itself in e.g. … / laser / fonts and in LightBurn you just refer to this directly under the xls fonts settings. This library does not need to be installed.
LightBurn needs to be restarted.

thank you for your answer. I did it as explained in the tutorial. the directory is referred in Lightburn. Maybe the fonts are not correct. the format of the loaded fonts is .ttf or .otf

The SHX fonts must be .shx files (with that extension). I just downloaded this collection on my MacBook, set the folder to the SHX folder and re-started LightBurn, and the fonts are there, and working.

i had a wrong format of file. With shx format, it works well. thanks for your help !

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