New version download; BE CAREFUL!

A few weeks ago I updated my Lightburn software to version 0.9.04 (as best as I can tell this is the version I now have). But a few things went “wonky” in my drawings all having to do with text. Text spacing changed and some text locations changed. I thought I caught all of the problems, but then after printing several of my laser-cut wood topographic maps I noticed the letters in my compass had moved! You can see in the print screen in the program what the compass looked like before I fixed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the compass until after I had cut (and framed!) several maps!

Probably something I did wrong, but I don’t know what the heck it would have been. I guess I would advise anybody who downloads an update to check your files VERY CAREFULLY.


If you updated from 0.8.07 or earlier, yes this could happen. The fix was in 0.9.00 and was:

  • Fixed font scaling / offset differences (may cause text spacing shifts in saved projects, initially)

On high-DPI displays on Windows, if you had font scaling enabled it affected the fonts rendered in LightBurn too. I compensated for all of it, but missed an issue with vertical spacing, and it was fixed in 0.9.00. The upcoming release (0.9.05) will detect the older file version and adjust the text object placement so the file will look correct in the new version as well. If you still have the original files, you wouldn’t need to fix them manually - I can send you a link to this version if you like.

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