New Version of LightBurn Icons blurry

I was wondering why all of the icons in the new version of Lightburn are very distorted. I tried playing with the toolbar icon size setting as well as the font size setting in the settings menu but i’ve had no luck fixing it. I have a 4K LG monitor. I also tried overriding the DPI scaling of the application by right clicking on the Lightburn .exe and going to the compatibility tab but still have had no luck. Could this simply be from low pixel counts in the icons in Lightburn? Anyways thanks in advance!

Wayne S.

Can you post a screen shot?

Here’s the screen shot of the icons being blurry and all of the control windows of lightburn not fitting properly as well but i figured out if i change the DPI override in the compatibility for lightburn to override system(enhanced) then it is no longer blurry and everything fits into the screen fine.

The icons do not look as blurry in the screen shot as in the program itself.

They do if you zoom in - A bunch of code was added to fix scaling issues on really high DPI displays. Some users with 4K 15" monitors had text that was tiny and nearly unreadable, so this is an improvement for those. I don’t have a system like this, so it’s really hard to test for issues like this and come up with good fixes. I’ll see if there are things that can be done to improve it, but it won’t affect the functionality any.

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