New Version Release Date and Changes

I think for me it’s the UI, honestly. DeepNest is still 95% browser based, but possibly compiled into Eclipse or something, and the performance isn’t very good, even though there are more options. SVGNest runs locally, it’s just javascript on a web page, so all the processing is on your own system, not the cloud.

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Thank you for ALL your hard work Oz. I appreciate you and your many tools.


I’ll give it a go. It didn’t seem to like Safari.

That’s what I figured, but one can still dream.

Hi Oz
Even “single selecting a node” and moving it with the cursor keys, would be great for now? Is that also a big change?

Yes, unfortunately. The act of retaining the selection is the tricky part. The next release has some greatly improved snapping behavior, and should help quite a bit with node editing.


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