New Version Release Date and Changes


Can you give us an estimate of when a New Version will be released? Also which additions/changes will be included?

Thank you

Is there a feature or something you are looking for in particular? We are always working to produce the next release but don’t give hard release dates because if we find bugs we’ll spend the time to stabilize things rather than try to rush it out.


Hi Rick. Sorry. I’m not rushing anyone, but I’m really looking forward to the version where “Multi-select nodes” and “Split/Break Vectors where they cross” will be available.


That is the one thing that I miss when I switched from RDWorks. Multi Node Select.


I see you made a comment on our voting site some 3 months ago looking for these additions. Now with the cross-country move behind us, development work is picking up again. We usually don’t comment on timing or what’s coming, but maybe @LightBurn is willing to pull back the curtains and share some insight.


Neither of those are planned for the next release - I’ve had a bunch of changes for vendors. Multi-select for nodes is a pretty large architectural change, so that won’t be fast, but I can look at the split / break crossings feature and see if I can make that happen.


I have seen you refer to changes made for vendors a couple of times, what does that mean? Are the laser manufacturers or controller makers asking for features?

Well, “laser manufacturers or controller makers” are our customers as well and you know how we feel about customer requests. We love suggestions! :slight_smile:

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Do the vendors buy licenses to bundle with their hardware?

Essentially yes. Sometimes the features are specific to a particular machine and its hardware, but I try to make anything that isn’t machine specific available to everyone.

There are a few vendors already who bundle LightBurn - Darkly Labs is the biggest, with LightBurn being the software that ships with the Emblaser machines. Thunder Laser USA ships with LightBurn now, and as well as Aeon, and a number of smaller machine vendors. We have a few others circling.


That is excellent! The more that make LightBurn the default the better for all of us!

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Now if there was just a way to make filenames longer than 8 characters. I suppose that’s not a problem when a PC is used to control the laser directly, but I’m still using a flash drive to load *.RD files into my TL Nova 24.

The limitation is in the Ruida controller itself, not LightBurn - Sorry - can’t fix that one.

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I’m not enjoying that RD works has good/great nesting, while I’m doing it by hand on LB :frowning:

RD has nesting? When did that happen?

You mean I’m guilty of believing someone else without checking? Damn.

Just downloaded the latest version right now to check.

That doesn’t mean I’m any less cuckoo for nesting!

I don’t know that it does or doesn’t. They’ve had a button for “nesting” that just uses the grid array to fill a box with your shapes, and I think some people have claimed it had nesting based on that. They may have fixed it, which is why I asked.

That will be it. I’ve not used it for a long time and certainly not used any nesting feature. Someone mentioned RD Works nesting feature in a discussion of nesting.

I’m one of the sad that sits there and manually nests…

Now that I have worked out how to make Deepnest work properly I occasionally use that.

So far I like SVGNest over DeepNest. I’ve (slowly) started working on it, but it’s not simple.

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SVGNest was the cloud-based predecessor to Deepnest, wasn’t it? Same author? He’s given up on Deepnest - so many unattended issues.

I’m still unused to ‘unlimited internet’ plans and tend to downloadable tools, but will give SVGnest a go.

I had to go and adjust my and my wife’s phones the other day to turn on all the wireless features as we had lived for so many years with expensive and limited plans in the third world :slight_smile: