New Video! Logo to Vector: Easy Image Tracing in LightBurn

We’ve released a new video on the LightBurn Youtube channel.

It’s a quick little one that introduces the image tracing tool in LightBurn, using a logo as an example.

I made this one, and I’d love to know what you think! :blush:


Hi Billie, thanks for another nice little video.
You asked for our opinion on the video, here’s mine.
Content is fine but the layout is, to my taste, unfortunately chosen. The bars on both sides of the previously small Youtube window reduce the actual content by almost half and are with running text in the bar on the left side, more confusing than helpful.

(…it must be said that I’m in my sixties and am the type who also doesn’t want background music in technical videos :wink:, so I’m probably not representative)

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That’s fair enough! Thank you for your honesty!

We made this layout so we could repackage the videos vertically for the various social-media websites, and added the captions so that people could watch them from our documentation page without needing sound (as many computers in schools and workplaces have sound disabled), but I do understand the feedback you have given here! And appreciate you giving it!

We have been using these templates for a while, and will only be using them for very short videos (less than 2 mins or so), so it should at least be comfier when you settle in for the longer ones. :slight_smile:

If it helps, I like to use ‘theatre mode’ on Youtube, which gets rid of the suggested videos on the right hand size, and makes the video player as wide as the screen, this might make all videos a bit bigger for you! How To Change Video Size Theater Mode on YouTube - YouTube

I agree about music in technical videos, I find it makes it a lot harder to follow. It’s tricky, because what makes a video good for learning and what makes a video successful on youtube are often in opposition. Thankfully we have decided not to put music in these short and sharp ones though! :slight_smile:


@BillieRuben I found the video informative and easy to digest. Yes, it has some bells and whistles, but that did not detract from the learning experience in my (senior 77 yrs) case. Got more?

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Thanks for the captions! A great addition.

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Yay! Glad you like them!

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