New WeCreat or XTool S1 Laser Opinions?

I’m on the short list for a new WeCreat 20W Laser but can’t help thinking about the new XTool S1 40W (or 20W since they offer). Anyone have experience with either with thoughts? Reviews for both seem pretty good and I like the enclosed designs over my open Algolaser Delta platform. Interested in seeing what group thoughts might be? Power isn’t necessarily the driver but both have some nice features that makes them both appealing in their own ways. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

There appears to be no 3rd party software, including Lightburn, for this product currently.

The biggest issue is we have no idea what you are doing with the laser. It’s difficult to make a recommendation when there is so little to go on.

Keep in mind with a visible laser, it cannot cut acrylic, which is normally clear… It heats up whatever the pigment is that isn’t clear, which effects the acrylic…

I don’t think anyone here would suggest a product that isn’t already Lightburn compatible… it’s in their vision … but right now it’s just vaporware.

If they are in a current collaboration with Lightburn, that would be a good sign…

xTool states they support Lightburn now.

Know what you are getting and that it will do what you want it to do.

xTool is about $2500 the WeCreat is about $1500… Maybe more flexibility with the xTool?

The WeCreat supports a 3d type mapping function to adjust for material change thickness… such as a curved wooden dish. Doubt Lightburn will be able to support this, but they would have to advise…

The WeCreat seems very big compared to the xTool… both of them are pretty large… didn’t dig deep enough at their site to compare device physical size.

Just an opinion… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Good luck


Great points Jack, thank you. I know XTool has been around a bit longer and seems to have a better support system, etc. which is important. The WeCreat looks good but being so new and not being supported yet by LB is a concern. The SW seems to work well but more as a beginner type of feature set (which for me as I learn isn’t a problem but as I grow and learn may be limiting.) I also wonder with all “moving parts” like the riser feature, more that moves can fail.

I do not suggest WeCreat.

Had bought one, was a huge mistake.
Communication is sub par.
No phone contact, just email.
I have 33 emails between them and myself regarding malfunctions and defects with the machine.

They kept coming up with excuses not to send me a return label.
It was a nightmare.

Was able to use the mach8ne maybe twice before it began to malfunction. Ruined product, loss of materials.
Not at all what they advertised.
Biggest safety concern was the laser not stopping when the lid opened. It kept running.
They sent me a new laser head after multiple emails and 9 days later.
Only for the machine to quit working altogether.

Upon requesting that i wished to return the machine, they would argue and tell me to troubpshoot, to try and fix it by sending me PDFs.
Despite me telling them im not touching it, its unsafe. But they still refused to adhere to my requests.

So 33 emails later i was FINALLY able to get that thing out of my shop.
Next worry is what excuse theyll come up with to refund 100% of my money.

They have a lot to fix and a lot to learn
Those machines should never been sent for public release yet. They arent ready.

I was worried after a very similar experience with Algolaser when considering and doing an early bird for WeCreat and ended up cancelling and going with XTool S1 and love it so far. Great decision as laser works great, well supported community around it and SW and HW releases being done and working. Might want to look at the 40W S1.

As I understand it, Algo was started by disgruntled Ortur people.

I am setting up an Algo DIY 5W now. Initial impressions (design/build) are that it’s pretty good for a $200-$300 machine. Email support has been pretty solid so far (nothing major, just sales questions). It’s all metal. They are using a really nice connector for the laser head. Z axis t-slot could be a bit more robust. Belts need tensioners. Cable management is missing. Documentation is OK, but not stellar.

Hoping to apply power this weekend, if I can get a drag chain mod installed. Cable management is WOEFUL.

Thanks Jeff!
Im highly interested in the XTool S1 but the price tag on it is high.
Its one of the reasons why i went to WeCreat (regrettably, lol).

I am looking at the Creality Falcon2 40W though.
Its not all bells and whistles, but seems like a solid laser.

I own the WeCreat Vision and right out the box it has worked superbly. Not one issue. This is the case for many others as well. One user fell asleep while the laser was running. A piece of mdf cutout caught fire. The smell of heavy smoke woke him up. He said he was sick and should have just gone to bed instead. He just fell asleep next to the machine. He’s lucky to be here still. He was so upset at his mistake. It was suggested he contact WeCreat to tell them what he did and what happened. He had the laser only 3 days. WeCreat read his email. THEY DROP SHIPPED HIM A NEW UNIT.

I’ve been an art business owner for 45 years. I’ve never seen any firm do this when it was customer fault.

The WeCreat Vision works very well. It’s my 2nd laser and a very good laser for newbies to learn from. Just today, the firmware and software received a new update. It’s now LB ready.

Considering i habe over 45 emails of them making excuses, 1.6 GB of video and pictures of their machine malfunctioning, and 2 months later of arguing to get my refund after they recieved the product yet somehow “misplaced” the package in their warehouse. Im going with XTool.

WeCreat needs to be a lot better. They care more about their precious machine than customer safety.
And while im not here to argue, im sure some people did get lucky and received a functional machine.
However, in my case. I did not.
And no, I will not take fault for a defected machine.

*Autofocus wouldnt work
*Damaged tumblers and bottom tray.
*Kept running with the lid opened
*Even with a new laser hear replacement,
the machine quit working entirely.

So yes, some people may have had a good experience. Im happy for them.

Others may have not.
I will never be going through WeCreat again.

I also am not going to defend myself about it either.
I dont care if people here have 1 day experience, or 50 years experience.

Bad service is bad service.

That’s perfectly acceptable! I just wanted to present the other side. I’m very sorry that happened to you. Did you get your refund? Always remember that if you used a credit card, the bank backing it will come to your assistance.