Newbie : 20W Fiber laser advice

I’m preparing to buy my first Fiber laser.
I’m trying for a 20W.
I see a lot on eBay. I’ve been diligently watching YouTube videos, reading the comments.
A recent comment scared the crap out of me. It talked about diodes that are low power and over cranked, burning out parts. I read ( especially here)
about fake BKJCZ boards and pirated EZCAD software. Very scary. I just can’t afford a $70k Ztech QM30.

2 questions.
1)Will Lightburn software function with a BJJCZ board? I read not, but checking if anything might have changed.
2) Can anyone name a reputable eBsy seller that supplied them a good 20W Fiber laser with genuine parts and reasonable support?

Help from the Wisdom you have would be much appreciated.


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