Newbie 3018cnc laser upgrades

Advice wanted

I ordered a 3018cnc with the intention of using it as a milling machine. But after having a play with both the spindle and the laser I found that i enjoyed playing with the laser more.

After setting up a small engraving personalised sign Facebook page and receiving more orders than I ever thought I would and easily making 3 times more than the machine is worth I feel I should put some money back into the machine.

Are there any upgrades I can do to upgrade my machine to make it more suited for lasering. I’m currently running a 5w diode laser and I use lightburn. I would like to be able to use my offline control so I can still work on my laptop while the machine is running.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Stu

Einfach G-Code Speichern und im Offline Controller laden. und schon kannst die Maschine laufen und du hast den Laptop zu arbeiten


Danke Rolf