Newbie got problems with orientations on my Ortur :-(

I finally tried all four Origin settings for my Ortur Laser Master - but no one will fit?
Saw your video with the Home setting and machine setting, but for me, it seems
that I need to change the axis to make it work. So my question if the four origin setting
neither works - what else do I need to configure to get my orientations right?

Can you describe what it is that you have right now, and how it is that you want it to be different? So far you’ve said you have an origin issue, and that none are right, but that doesn’t describe the issue that you actually have.

For example, “I tried to open the door but it isn’t moving right” is less useful than “I tried to open the door, but it swings outward, and there is stuff in the way. I need it to open inward.”

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