Newbie... HELP! Can’t raise/lower table

Alright y’all, I got a new laser and hooked everything up… but I cannot get the table to raise or lower… I think I messed up a parameter setting but I have no idea.

Not all machines with height-adjustable beds have connected the motor to the controller itself. Typically, there is “just” an up and down switch on the side of the machine.

We’re actually not seeing a motor…? Could they have forgotten it? Nothing on the website, reviews says how to tell. I feel like I’m missing something. We’ve moved the table up and down with the knob but I’m not sure if that’s damaging anything

Not all of them have a motor. My 80w Orion/Ruida red&black doesn’t. Hand crank only. I’ll add a motor someday when my todo list gets shorter.

what is it you bought? and from where?

If your bed has an adjustable knob on it, then chances are you do not have a motorized bed. A stepping motor driven bed would be locked by the motor (rendering the knob useless) when the machine is powered on.

Another possibility is that you have a manually switched motorized bed driven by a standard motor (and the knob is just there for fine tuning). If that were the case then the knob may spin while the motor moved the bed. You’d have a switch on your machine to move the motor up or down in this scenario. Without a stepping motor driven bed, you have no “smart control” of bed height in the application or auto focus capability.

Maybe. A lot of stepping motor drivers have a dipswitch option to de-energize the windings when the motor is not active, allowing the motor to freewheel.

I’m going to guess that the one Madison has is purely manual operation like mine and has no motor.

Wouldn’t that lead to

“Why am I loosing focus on my machine when running a long job…”

Does your manually adjusted bed have any sort of lock once you have adjusted it?

No lock, just the friction of the lead screws is plenty to keep it from moving. There would be no problem with de-powering a z axis motor on mine. X & Y are a totally different story…

I would be happy if I had a manual one. But if I work primarily with 2-4 mm material thickness, I often do not even adjust the focus height, so the world does not go under for me.

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