Newbie: Laser Wont Do Anything Except Burn A Dot

Thanks for responding!’
The belts do seem a little tight but everything moves when pushing with 1 finger.
Absolutely no noises except the fan. No attempting to move itself.
Its almost like the laser isn’t talking to the software for certain functions, but the laser did fire just no movement or attempted movement.
Ive adjusted the speed up and down several times. What your seeing was just what it was set up at the time of the screenshot.
Speeds at 600 now.

No matter what I change those setting to the laser will not home, frame or move.
Im at the very beginning of the set up process layed out here
First time users - welcome!.

I did try the included software.
It says denied access to COM Port COM3
My CPU says the device is connected to COM3

I actually learned how to build websites after a bad injury in 2005 from forums. Took me a month to learn what a FTP was. I cant do that here though.

Im going to inspect the machine again and try figure out comport denial is all about.
The laser is the cheapest one on purpose. $200 is better than $2k when possibility of a wall toss is involved.

Thanks Ill be contacting MFG too.