Newbie Learning Slowly - LB is a Time Saver

First, thanks to the Lightburn team for some great and useful software. I have been using it for the last month and upgraded from the trial last week. I have been making some word cloud Christmas ornaments and other simple items to begin with. A friend recently referred a realtor friend to me who wanted me to create a Christmas ornament where the bow looked like a house then had a blade with cuts to look like a real key. Then text saying new home 2020 and the Family name and a cut out on the bow portion as well. I finally came up with a graphic via photoshop and imported it into Light room along with other graphics for the cut out and text. Initially I was using all images, but watched the Wifi sign tutorial to get some better insight into the software and converted everything but the text layer into traces (vectors). My burn time went from almost an hour to 15 minutes. Considering I have to do 30 of these, this is a real time saver. I did have to adjust the speed and power once I converted the graphics traces so they would be dark enough and show/cut, but the detail is much better than with the imported graphics.

The other project I have going is taking a bunch of old maple skating rink planks and making keychains. This has been more of a woodworking effort than laser engraving, but the finishing touch is the logo of the rink engraved on the side of the wood piece and adding an eyelet screw to make it a keychain. The floor planks were from some water damage about a year ago. Once I get all 200 of them done, I will post a photo in finished items forum.


I am looking forward to the pictures!