Newbie looks for friendly help in Germany

Hi everyone. As a retired person I am looking into the Adventure of using a laser. I have some experience in working with CNC routers in my former job. But laser are different animals.

So I got myself a red and black 80W 700x500mm Chinese machine from Amazon. I also added a Filtersystem and an active cooler.

Now I am ready to get going and hoping there are other enthusiasts in my area who might like to help me to get started and perhaps starting a little local usergroup.

My machine has a freedom controller so I am patiently waiting for lightburn officially support that controller (hopefully soon).

Is there anyone in the greater Montabaur area who might like to hook up? We can communicate in English or German. A good cup of Coffee is always waiting…

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I wish I lived in Germany still. My plan is to retire back there in 20ish years or so… I hope you can find some enthusiasts near you. Congrats on the new machine! I also started with CNC machines and the transition to laser was a lot easier than i ever thought it would be. Plus this community here is a wealth of information and ideas.Glad to have you around, cheers!

Bin zwar nicht aus Deutschland, aber ein Ă–sterreicher.