Newbie mistake- help appreciated

Ok, I screwed up… Upon trying to adjust my pot on my psu, I had to detach the 3 pin and 5 pin connectors, and remove the psu from the laser housing to get to the pot screw. Of course, I was doing all of this without unplugging the laser, and when I reconnected the 5 pin and 3 pin wiring harnesses, I had them upside down. Something around the main board sparked, and tripped my gfic outlet in my shop. So I unplugged the laser, reset the gfic outlet, corrected the wiring harnesses, and reconnected the laser and turned it on. Now it homes, and relocates to origin like it should, but the laser is firing during relocate path. It also fires during framing, and now even when I don’t have water flowing. I have a 90w reci tube laser, with a zye myjg100w psu with a Ruida 6442s controller. I know I’m gonna get slapped around a little bit here, but any input will be appreciated!

Around which board? A board in the laser PSU? Also which of the Phoenix connectors did you reinstall upside down? Was it the 3 pin AC line voltage connector, the 6 pin signal connector, or both of them?

If it were the 3 pin AC line voltage connector you reversed, that could have the potential of being really bad if the polarity of the line voltage was wrong (that is if the hot leg had been on the N pin and the Neutral leg had been on the L pin). If in the chance that was the scenario, then installing this Phoenix connector backward would result in sending line voltage into the laser PSU’s ground path.

If you plugged the 6 pin connector in backward, all I really see the potential for there is swapping the low signal (on / off signal) with the PWM pulse (power level signal – think volume control) as well as grounding the WP signal (which is actually done intentionally to bypass that control). So nothing to spark about there.

That is unless scenario 1 is the case (where the 3 pin polarity was wrong), and you installed both upside down, you did the 6 pin first, then the 3 pin. That would be sending line voltage in to the WP signal.

The sparks came from somewhere around the Ruida controller board, and I already had the 6 pin connected upside down when I did the same with the 3 pin. Not sounding good.

This is where I saw some sparks come from. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, so not positive exactly where. Also, after it homes in the left back corner, it moves to the origin, firing while doing so on its own.

I have a new psu on the way. Hopefully this will put me back on track.