Newbie needs help with fill setting

Currently trying to do a Great Lakes engraving and doe the fill + line so I can fill the engraving with epoxy. I traced the Great Lakes image and no matter what I do for settings as far as fill or fill + line it does not preview that the image is being filled nor does it actually fill the image in engraving. Need some help with this please.

I have not seen this before so, might need to look at your file, but I do notice something from the images you post. Are you trying to lay down 2540 fill lines for every inch of fill? That is not going to produce the results I think you are after.

The laser beam will be making overlapping marks like crazy at that interval and would take forever to complete, if ever. :wink: Try 254 instead as a start and we can go from there.

What you describe here usually only appears if the shapes are not closed. Can you upload the file here?

2540 DPI ends up being about 6meg per square inch of image, per channel. It’s huge. If the image is large-ish, it can’t allocate enough continuous space to store it.

Since it’s not an image, just a fill, it might work at that scale - Bernd could be correct that the shapes aren’t closed, but you would normally get a warning for that (unless you are running an older version, before the warning was added).

Rick is correct though - 2540 DPI is at least 8 times higher than any standard laser will engrave without special lenses, so it’s not useful to run them that high.

… isn’t that a typo?

??? Are you asking about the number they used in Line Interval? Sorry, not following. :slight_smile:

Ok, no more “might”. :slight_smile: If you are willing, post here or send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, include a link to this post for context, and we can take a look.

What I mean is that Joe may have entered a 0 too much into the DPI setting, by accident.

Ahh thanks guys, I got it to work finally and then adjusted some settings as you guys have recommended. She is engraving just fine now. I’m sure I will definitely have more questions later lol

Also I never entered anything in for the dpi setting… that was entered when I first started trying to run some test engravings.

Glad to here you are getting things sorted. :slight_smile:

Always good to review the settings are as you’d like, but yes, this can happen. When an ‘edit / entry’ UI control is selected and the mouse wheel gets tapped or bumped, the value can be inadvertently changed. Not common, but we have seen this happen.

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