Newbie observation

3018P>3040P-Laser_5.5W, GRBL: Upon install and setup following James Dean YouTube; I just discovered my error and a MISS in LB… My 3040P-Laser does NOT have homing-limit switches (yet).

I must have hit the HOME button and LB drives the Z-Axis to the bottom stop and keeps driving, ckick-click-click…
ISSUE #1: LB does NOT have in Device configuration to disable HOME button use. So you can accidentally hit the Move/Laser Tab HOME while jogging to your desired 0/0 or other…
The only recovery to stop the Z-Axis driving is unplugging the USB cable;
ISSUE #2: LB does not appear to have an OBVIOUS on-screen RED [E-Button] negating/stopping ALL commands to the Controller! STOP in Laser Tab did nothing.

[True, I’m a newbie butttttt, I am also Sr Test/MFG EE Engineer and I’ve already been tripped up on these, fearing harm to my CNC3 via LB…]

In GRBL, if $22 is set to zero, the controller will not attempt to home when you trigger the homing command. Machines without limits installed should have that setting disabled.

You are correct that LightBurn doesn’t have an E-Stop button. The normal ‘Stop’ command aborts a job in progress, but I don’t have a generic ‘abort everything’ button.

Where can I find a list of the GRBL script commands - defined and the command settable states with definitions of the states?

I suspect that LaserGRBL can send modified commands to the Controller - I’ll need to look into - how to read/send? Or is there a common Windows program that will give us access to the GRBL command set?

As I said I’m a CNC newbie - a dangerous newbie that knows hard/soft-ware engineering.

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