Newbie on photo engraving with an Atomstack x20 pro

Hi everyone. I just got an Atomstack x20 pro about 2 months ago and have been casually stalking this forum. Well to the problem I am having, I have an order for a photo engraving of a police badge in a town near me and I’ve been messing with this for almost a month now with limited and honestly disastrous results. So what am I doing wrong? I put the image through Imag-r and tried to set it up that way the last time. I have gone to another police officer and got a slightly better picture of the badge and nothing is working.

QueenCityBadgeProject (2).lbrn2 (614.0 KB)
I don’t have the results on this computer right now. They are on my phone and trying to take slime videos from a 3-year-old is like trying to engrave this picture. Impossible right at this moment. lol So can y’all help me out and tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you guys in advance.

I believe you are going to have a difficult time with the image provided. These types of objects are challenging to capture with good lighting and contrast. It might be worth getting another picture to start from, in color. You should also consider recreating the design in vector, from scratch. Many times we see folks ask a graphics designer to reproduce for them for a small fee. Badges are shiny, beautiful in the shape and detailed in design. All making them a bit more challenging to reproduce with automation like Image Tracing. It can be done, given the right contrasted and sharply focused image, but has its issues when starting with a picture is of this quality. :slight_smile:

Some resources that might help.

Offers to redraw - Vector Redraw - Etsy UK
Google Search - real texas state law enforcement badge in vector - Google Search
I think with a little tuning of this search might be very fruitful.

I’d suggest you contact the badge maker… You should be able to do this through whomever orders the badges for the PD. The manufacturer usually has the original art for the object…

I’d advise them of the purpose…

I’ve heard of the reasons ranging from, we don’t have it → no → ok if you sign not to use it commercially and in some cases it just arrived it in their email no strings attached.

Most of these places will work with you if you’re supporting the local PD.

Ask, in the end all they can really say is no

Good luck


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