Newbie question on first design

Hi all,

I am trying to make a small key fob. In the below screenshot, the red lines are cuts, and the blue lines are fills.

When I run a preview, it rightly tells me that 2 shapes set to fill are not closed, as shown below

My question is, how do I go about filling those areas and cutting the red line, so that I don’t get that error?


Point to / show us where you want the fill to happen. The blue lines are not a closed shape, they are just two lines that do not connect to any other lines. :slight_smile:

I want the fill to occur in the letters (which it does) and on the part between the fill line and cut line as shown below

I realise I am doing it wrong, but can’t work out how to do it right :slight_smile:

Duplicate the upper and lower red lines and place the dupes on the blue layer, then close these new dupes with the original blue lines to create a closed shape for the top and bottom of this design.

If you post the file, we can show you directly.

Follow @Rick on this, but I thought I’d point out you will always have a problem with a tool path when this occurs.

Meaning the blue line is terminating with another line, which is a different layer. Usually jobs run by layers.

The blue shape, on a different layer, is an area with no enclosed (or closed) boundary, the software can’t know what you want filled.


Good luck… join the crowd :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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I have visualized what @ Rick has explained.
Remember, everything that needs to be filled must be a closed shape.
(I achieved this very easily by tracing your original drawing and deleting the non relevant lines)


Thanks all. For some reason my brain didn’t comprehend that I could put a cut layer and a fill layer over the top of each other :slight_smile: That worked perfectly!

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