Newbie Question - random cut

Hi All,

Newbie question here: I have just downloaded the trial version of lightburn and all was working well but I have noticed that just randomly instead of cutting the design on screen it cuts the “LightBurn” text?

If i just stop the cut and press start again it works and cuts the design on the screen.
This has happened multiple times using different designs but occurs randomly.

Has anybody else had this issue? or a similar problem?


Where did you download the trial from?

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Sorry for the confusion, I actually installed the trial from the CD that came with the Laser Cutter.

It had both RDWorks and LightBurn

Can you tell where / who you purchased the laser from?

It doesn’t sound like you have our official trial version. If you download it from our site, you won’t have this issue.

Download from here:

Hi Oz,

I purchased this from Aliexpress, the seller was “LCSPEAR World Store”
I will download from the link you provided and try again.

Thanks for your help.

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