Newbie question - Why does my image burn squished?

I am brand new to laser engraving and just recently received a Genmitsu Jinsoku LE-1620.

When I draw a a simple circle in lightburn to engrave, it comes out squished (please see attached for photos of settings and output)

Any help on why this is happening and how it can be resolved would be greatly appreciated!

Have you checked if rotary is OFF?

Hi - Thanks for the reply. Yes. I checked if the rotary OFF. Any other suggestions?


Make a square of 10 x 10 or something.
Engrave it or cut it, then
You can goto machine settings…
Then click on calibrate axis.
enter the value it is supposed to be and the value it is after burning for x and y axis.
This might also help.

Hi Sensor - Thank you so much for your help!

After digging around, I finally found a page on the SainSmart site linking to the LightBurn configuration settings for my Jinsoku LE-1620. It appears my $101=80 was incorrect, and it needed to be set to $101=160. After making the change, everything start to engrave as expected.

If anybody is looking for the proper LightBurn configuration for a Jinsoku LE-1620, click the following link:


Hi Rico, it’s great that you’ve found the solution to your problem. Do you want to be so kind and mark your last post as the solution ?, then it is easier for others to find it.

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