Newbie Vevor L4040X question


I am totally green when it comes to laser engravers and am not enjoying the process of getting started. A couple of months ago I bought a creatlity device. That was able to operate from a file on a memory card but the USB interface didn’t work at all and the support was bloody awful. That went back to the supplier.

I now have a Vevor L4040X machine. This is better but far from perfect. The documentation is… well, Chineese. The iOS app doesn’t see the device. The recommended software is windows only and is terrible (like it was written when I started coding in the 1980’s). I ran that on an old macbook which I have bodged to run windows.

Now I am giving Lightburn a go. I am not there yet but at least I have hope. Over WiFi I see nothing, however, with a USB connection Lightburn recognised the engraver and the engraver responds to console messages (and it mentions Vevor in the response). A few responses to these messages are below.

I would like to try to make it work during my trial period so I can decide on next steps. Any clues of what to try next would be great.

Thanks in advance


Waiting for connection…

Target buffer size found
Homing cycle is not enabled in your Grbl settings.

Grbl 1.1f [‘$’ for help]

Starting stream
[MSG:Pgm End]
Stream completed in 0:00

Not sure about the actual question here…

The homing error is likely caused by your machine is missing home switches. Most manufacturers set the machine up so it will boot properly, so it’s a good indication it doesn’t home on power up.

Lightburn can automatically send a home command. That appears to be what’s occurring.

Edit → Device Settings or it’s icon device-setting-wrench-sm in the tool bar and disable the auto-home on startup.

Suggest you read over a couple of documents from Lightburn. You can also watch some of the videos they provide.

Good beginning video here…

If you have issues, sing out…

Have fun


Good morning Jack,

Thank you for your detailed reply. The docs will certainly give me something to go on, I will have a play when I get home tomorrow afternoon.

My current situation is that although I get responses from the scanner the head doesn’t move at all. It did with the crap software provided though. I am trying to work out how I can get Lightburn to drive the scanner.

I guess a good next step will be to try and drive the thing using some console messages from the links you provided.

Thanks again

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Hi Jack,

It seems we’ve are making progress!

After some twiddling lightburn controls the device (moves the head around) when connected with a usb cable. Over WiFi it does nothing.

It doesn’t yet burn / cut (laser shows a white light rather than the blue that it used in demo mode). I guess I am missing something.

I am currently using the trial version of the software and extended the trial beyond the initial 30 days. Would this bring such a limitation?


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